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Anti diabetic product

Diabcube Tablet


Our Innovation

  • Target on brain signal for adequate insulin secretion by microencapsulation.
  • Heals damaged β-cell, attacked by immune system by unique isolated herbs.
  • Glucose and stored Glycogen in organ system gives Symptomatic relief of diabetes.
  • Improves metabolic condition by hepatoprotective extracts.


Therapeutical effect against

  • Type-1 (Insulin Dependent Diabetes mellitus)
  • Type-2 (Non-Insulin Diabetes mellitus, Hereditary)


Mechanism of Diabcube Tablet  

  • Stimulates Glut-4 to transport glucose fromthe blood to organ system.
  • Controlglucose from blood & as well in urine by target drug delivery action.
  • Stimulate brain signal to β-cell and insulin-receptor binding
  • Mobilizes glucose from stored glycogen.
  • Improves symptoms of diabetic patients.
  • Reducesor stop other medicines or insulin
  • It’s safe for long term use.


Dose– 1-2 Tablet twice in a day at empty stomach or as per physician direction.


Packing size- 60 Tablet in bottle

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