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ayurvedic properitory medicine for Wieghtloss

Fitcube Tablet


Our Innovation

  • Weight regulation, by altering eitherappetite, or absorption of calories.
  • Inhibit fat recovery from sugar by enhance liver function.
  • Successively arrange fat molecules in a symmetrical way by fat melting herbs.
  • Included colon targeted Fibrous herbs improve digestion and solve constipation.


Therapeutical effect against

  • Obesity
  • Loss Belly Fat
  • Reduces over weight or weight loss


Mechanism of Fitcube Tablet

  • Reduces Obesity and Over weight by Colon targeted fat burning herbs.
  • Regulate enlarged stored fat/old fat accumulated in muscle and tissue, which reduces chances of fatty liver, muscular pain, blood pressure and Diabetes.
  • Maintains BMI level without any side effect and it is safe for long term use.
  • Maintains good and fit body structure.


Dose– 1-2 Tablet twice in a day at empty stomach or as per physician direction.


Packing size- 60 Tablet in bottle


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