Abigail Lytar Abigail and Shawn had a little bit of an affair back in school.

Abigail Lytar Abigail and Shawn had a little bit of an affair back in school.

Abigail Lytar (b. 1977) is definitely Shawn Spencer’s long-time smash and final girlfriend. She actually is described by Rachael Leigh Cook.

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Abigail and Shawn got some an affair back in university. Shawn pursued Abigail during their complete elder season until Abigail agreed to carry on a date with your. But Shawn never proved. This individual visited meet them and bet this model, but obtained way too anxious, and eventually choked and remained hidden from their perspective. Abigail waited around in the industry 60 minutes before she placed, annoyed.

Thirteen many years afterwards, at their particular highschool reunion, when you look at the event “killing? . Anyone? . Anyone? . Bueller?”, Shawn and Abigail found once more. She had been distressed with your for standing upright the lady upward, and am unimpressed by his own justification (this individual claimed that he was a midwife), or Shawn’s considered clairvoyant know-how. Any time Shawn considers a human anatomy travel off the top, she, as well as Gus, object unconvinced that a murder came about. So Shawn is out and tries to pick resistant that a crime would be fully committed and even find a way to patch abstraction with Abigail. Shawn eventually unveils the killers and impresses the formerly suspicious Abigail. Then he moves and informs them precisely why they actually endured this model upwards. This guides those to talk about a kiss, but Shawn and Abigail both seem fine with leaving their partnership there.

Eventually, in “An Evening with Mr. Yang”, Shawn refers to up Abigail, after Gus say him or her that Shawn could be eighty years old nevertheless striking on waitresses which his event was fatigued. Gus consequently say him or her that Abigail was a real person and that he dreams that he wasn’t making use of Abigail simply to corroborate a time. For the other countries in the occurrence, Shawn was required to postpone the date, which in turn causes Abigail to worry because she does not assume that Shawn is definitely chasing a serial fantastic. But she likely actually starts to trust your as soon as a protective fine detail comes up at them location later. Whenever Shawn nabs Mr. Yang, they have Abigail brought to the drive-in movie theater wherein he’s arranged a personal displaying of a film. If Shawn is getting the popcorn, Juliet appears and demands Shawn on a date, exposing their sensations for him. Shawn hesitantly transforms this model along and go external to rejoin Abigail, which after that asks him or her if anything happens to be wrong. Shawn tells them that things are not all suitable since the theater may be out of butter for popcorn. Abigail is definitely relieved and additionally they enter Gus’s auto have fun with the company’s go steady, and that’s promptly disturbed by Gus, who may not just allowed Shawn use wheels unless he himself is they.

In year four, Abigail yield as Shawn’s sweetheart. While doing this time, their relationship leads to countless stress between Shawn and Juliet. Actually apparent that Shawn is still equipped with emotions for Jules since they brings extremely jealous when this chick go undercover as a customer’s girl in “Bollywood Homicide” proceed this link here now. Throughout that very same event, as soon as Shawn concerns his or her lifestyle to save Juliet ahead of Abigail, the woman is pleased he should do that for a “random co-worker”. Shawn has they to skip mistrust. In “you simply can’t manage This Episode”, Abigail will leave for Uganda. Shawn can be quite troubled, nevertheless they attempt uphold a long-distance connection. In “Death Is in the Air”, Shawn plans to reveal his attitude to Juliet it is disrupted inadvertently by Lassiter. It is actually not clear how this will posses figured into their relationship level with Abigail. In the end, in “Mr. Yin Offers. “, Abigail breaks or cracks up with Shawn after this woman is kidnapped by Mr. Yin. She states that this gal would like to get away from the chance because she desires do it very much together with her daily life but she are not able to do anything if she’s lifeless. However, she do inform Shawn to call her if they actually ever quits chasing crooks. She does not reappear afterwards (until the Psych After Pshow).

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