Diabcube Tablet

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Therapeuticaleffect  against

  • Type-1(Insulin dependent diabetesmellitus)
  • Type-2(Non-Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)


1-2 Tablet twice in a day at empty stomach or as per physician direction.


60 Tablet in bottle


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Our innovation

Ø Targetonbrainsignalforadequateinsulinsecretionbymicroencapsulation.

Ø Healsdamagedβ-Cell, Attacked by immune  system By unique isolated herbs.

Ø Glucose and stored glycogenin organ system Gives symptomatic relief of diabetes.

Ø Improvesmetabolicconditionbyhepatoprotectiveextracts.

Mechanism Ofdiabcubetablet

ü Stimulates glut-4 to transport glucose from the blood to organ system.

ü Control  Glucose from Blood & As well in urine by target drug delivery action.

ü Stimulate brain signal to β-Cell and insulin-Receptor binding

ü Mobilizes glucose from Stored glycogen.

ü Improves   symptoms of diabetic patients.

ü Reduces Or stop other medicines or insulin

ü It’s safe for long term Use.


Parijat ext. Leaves Nyctanthes arbor-tristis 20
Vrikshamlaext Fruit Garciniacambogia 20
Mamejava ext. Whole Enicostemmalittorale 60
Ashwagandha ext.        Root WithaniaSomnifera 80
Gudmarext Leaves GymnemaSylvestre 230
Guduchiext Stem Tinosporacordifolia 50
Haridraext Rhizome Curcuma longa 20
Vijaysarext Bark Pterocarpusmarsupium 70
saptchakraext root salaciareticulata 30
Brahmi Leaves Bacopamonnieri 50
Amla Fruit Phyllanthusemblica 50
Dalchini Bark CinnamomumZeylanicum 20
Bilva Leaf Aeglemarmelos 50
Methika Seed TrigonellaFoenum-Graecum 160
Vibhitaka Fruit Terminaliabelerica 30
ShuddhaShilajit Extruded Asphalthum 10



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