Raspachak Tablet

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  • Patol
  • Indrayava
  • Kutki

Uses and properties:

  • Useful in Ashradhha-Aruchi (tastelessness), Hrillas (nausea), Gaurav (heaviness), Tandra (lassitude).
  • Reduces Paanduta (anemia), Strotorodha (clears out body channels).
  • It is Malanulomak (clears stagnant Mala), Dipan-Pachan (improves digestive fire), normalizes vitiated Kapaha-Pitta Dosha.
  • Excellent in thyroid disorders.
  • Reduces Rasadhatu Vikruti and nourishes Rasa Dhatu.

Triturated with: Patol, Indrayav, Kutki.

Indications: Rasapradoshaj Vikar, Thyroid disorders.

Weight per tablet: 1000 mg

Dose: 1 tab twice a day.

Anupan: Lukewarm water.

Packing : 30 tab bottel


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