Pupil know-how and high school transcripts of the audio Use myPass to put Alberta senior high school transcripts of the audio and Diplomas.

Pupil know-how and high school transcripts of the audio Use myPass to put Alberta senior high school transcripts of the audio and Diplomas.

Utilize myPass to order Alberta senior high school Transcripts and Diplomas, thought stated educational Reports (DARs) and.

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MyPass is the Alberta government’s online tool for college students to:

  • arrange school transcripts of the audio in English or French
  • thought degree exam marks
  • join to publish or rewrite degree examinations with on the web payment
  • check out and print in depth educational Reports (DAR)
  • watch development towards a credential (diploma or document)
  • arrange added albums of a presented credential in English or French
  • see notices for crucial emails

MyPass can also be used to enjoy and reproduce the official tape of whom students exists with exactly where there is these people real time. This may be meant for some Ontario money agencies concerns efficient from class yr 2017.

Involved know-how to join myPass

To sign up, you really need to have:

People can enlist at their particular school or on the web with myPass. We motivate all students to subscribe in score 10.

Adults or guardians

Folks or guardians can enroll at their kids’s current twelfth grade.

Other people

A student can offer myPass use of other individuals by entering their particular email address in myPass and indicating the connection. This can render an access laws. Additional people will then enter this rule along with their email into myPass to view the student’s help and advice.

Signup letter

If students is not able to join up at his or her college or immediately with myPass, they may utilize myPass to experience a sign-up document sent on their address this is certainly currently on file. This document will offer rules and allow them to firmly establish a myPass profile.

  • In the event the tackle on data just latest, be sure to contact scholar registers.

The sign-up letter has a connection rule valid for thirty day period. If about 1 month has gone by, pupils may either:

  • check out myPass to demand accessibility again, or
  • get in touch with their unique class

Membership gain access to

Mom or guardians can access their own child’s information if:

  • students has actually came to a certified Alberta school, and
  • the parent/guardian’s contact info, most notably email address contact info, is arrived in with the student’s class into PASIprep

Mothers or guardians can access this info up until the son or daughter changes 18 years or ends up being unbiased. Mothers or guardians can then demand accessibility from the youngster as an official owner.

Other individuals can just access a student’s critical information if:

  • each student is actually 16 years of age or Dayton OH escort sites earlier
  • each student has actually attended an accredited Alberta university, and
  • a student allows access to anyone through myPass

Disregarded accounts

Any time you disregard your own myPass password:

  1. Login to myPass
  2. Click on “Sign alongside knowledge levels”
  3. Go through the “Forgot your code?” connect to develop a new password

To keep pupil info protect, kindly log outside and shut down websites web browser after obtaining myPass, particularly when utilizing a general public or shared personal computer.


The Alberta Transcript of twelfth grade accomplishment contains the top marks and breaks grant to students.

  • reporting of coursework finished in Alberta-accredited and out-of-province colleges
  • more information on distinctive training course mark problems
  • exterior credentials and twin enrolments to aid the Provincial Dual debt method
  • safety measures within the newspaper for example temperatures hypersensitive liquid and enclosed watermarks
  • French emphasized characters


A student’s lawful identity, as recorded under the Beneficial reports function, was presented automatically on records, certification and provincial assessments.

If students grew up in a district outside Alberta, the student’s name shall be shown as it had been signed up since legislation or as licensed in the official authorities of Ontario record.

Anxious problems, college students are required to give boosting government-issued identification whenever using the state document supplied by Alberta studies which includes their unique legal term. Some examples put:

  • student education loans
  • post-secondary entrance
  • work

This detection should align with certified files from Alberta degree to protect yourself from frustration or problems.

Discover ways to legitimately transform your term in Alberta.

Simple tips to ordering your very own transcript

Alberta post-secondary companies

When you are signing up to an Alberta post-secondary institution, the company can ordering transcripts of the audio using the internet for you from ApplyAlberta.

You won’t end up being charged a charge.

Standard requests

Senior school transcripts of the audio might ordered providing online using myPass and delivered to a location of your choosing.

You will find a $10.00 non-refundable running price each version.

Degree 9 Records

To get Grade 9 records, you need to contact your faculty and/or faculty influence.

Newbie Records

To put an Apprentice transcript, stop by MyTradesecrets.

On the web post submitting

Individual Reports Treatments

Tightly post done paperwork and helping forms by using this product.

Simply PDF files and image data is likely to be published.

We are going to get hold of one by e-mail within 5 working days of receiving an agreement.

Alberta Individual Wide Variety

You’ll need an ASN to:

  • develop an Education be aware of myPass accessibility
  • enter to post a standard tutorial improvement (GED) exam
  • apply to Alberta post-secondary companies (universities, schools, technical schools, and apprenticeship software)
  • find funds purposes (scholar help, grants, Rutherford grant and bursaries)
  • Dr. Paresh Sodavadiya

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