Senior School Contacts. You are welcome to Fayetteville Technological Society Colleges Senior High School Joints System!

Senior School Contacts. You are welcome to Fayetteville Technological Society Colleges Senior High School Joints System!

Record now let’s talk about tuition-free guides!

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What exactly is Twelfth Grade Links?

See a jump your level or career. Need free of charge university programs as a very high school beginner to speed up conclusion of school certificates, certifications, and associate levels conducive to institution shift or create entry level career methods.

University Connections (HSC) may be the nearby branch belonging to the condition program, Career and college or university pledge. This system produces smooth dual enrollment educational solutions for eligible North Carolina students.

University Joints Enrollment

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Next, Apply

To Apply for the high-school associations software, total the registration Application.

Determine Your Own Desired Pathway & Course

The job & Specialized training Pathways for twelfth grade connectivity pupils contains numerous certificate packages to help you even more children training. After graduating kids could have records to go along with any associate degree they might need acquire.

The College shift walkway causing the link in artistry is ideal for senior school juniors and seniors who want to began study toward the Associate in artwork amount and a baccalaureate degree in a non-STEM significant. The walkway is an organized number lessons within the Comprehensive Articulation accord (CAA) within school of North Carolina as well as the vermont Community college or university method.

Upload Your Own Transcript/Test Scores

A copy of your own most recent transcript along with your unweighted GPA is going to need.

Get Books & Wages Charge

Books are offered within FTCC Bookstore. Verify if a book is for your own lessons when using the book search device. The student accounts for a student action charge and technological innovation costs. For current the informatioin needed for term expenses for college students: companies & finances workplace.

Must replace your HSC pathway?

Perfect the high-school Connections Pathway Change need on line kind.

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